Enterprise Course


In 2000

Fujian Huahui Stone Co., Ltd. was incorporated.

In 2001

Huahui headquarter was expanded.

In 2007

Huahui Plaza and Huahui Center were ground broken.

In 2011

New factory as set up to further enhance the production capacity.

In 2012

Composite slab factory was set up.

In 2015

Stone Cultural Warehouse was set up.

In 2016

The company scale was further expanded. Huahui Jianming Stone was launched.

In 2017

Bellissimo Marmi, a high-end white stone brand of Huahui was launched.

In 2018

The enterprise management was upgraded.

In 2021

Huahui Stone City expansion and upgrading; Set up whole channel through the mine to the end home manufacturing.